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GRP Fibreglass and Kent Peg Tile and Slate in Tenterden Complete Roofing Services

Rye Roofing provide a wide range of traditional and modern roofing services for customers in Tenterden and the surrounding local area. By using traditional roofing practices, such as Kent peg tile and slate replacement and leadwork, we’re able to provide stylish and hardwearing surfaces which protect your Tenterden property from the elements.

The same can be said for GRP fibreglass which, although it isn’t exclusive to flat roofs, is a modern material that more and more Tenterden customers are drawn to. GRP fibreglass, a robust, durable and hardwearing product, is widely used for flat roofing but we can explain the many other applications available to you in person or over the telephone.

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An Insight into Traditional Roofing Materials

The origins of Kent peg tile and slate started in Canterbury in the 14th century, and this system has stood the tests of time with a unique look and style. Kent peg tile and slate has two peg holes unevenly spaced from the top edge. Traditionally, the holes were punched through by hand and the uneven spacing gave roofers a chance to use alternative positioned holes when fixing over tiling battens.

This gave a great line at the bottom edge of the tiles.

When providing Kent peg tile and slate services for customers in Tenterden, we use newly manufactured tiles. Low-end reclaimed tiles are brittle in texture and can’t be guaranteed to last without breaking. We can supply high quality Kent peg tile and slate for properties that are built to last, although we can use good quality reclaimed tiles if needed.

Leadwork is also traditional roofing mainstay. As a major feature on many roofing projects, leadwork keeps the elements out and stops dampness causing internal damage to your Tenterden property. As a leadwork contractor, Rye Roofing supplies customers in Tenterden with securely fixed leadwork flashing on flat and pitched roofs, aprons and cladding.

Modern Roofing Solutions with GRP Fibreglass

GRP fibreglass is seen as a durable alternative to traditional roofing materials such as bitumen and felt. It is ideal for protecting and strengthening balconies, roof structures and walkways, but stands alone as a flat roofing material that can be used to cover roofing structures in Tenterden previously covered with a hot application system.

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a composite formed of a durable plastic resin combined with glass fibres which form a very strong substance. Our experience in all aspects of roofing ensures we can work with GRP fibreglass at any time of the year, even during the winter so long as temperatures remain above the required 5°C threshold.

By using Rye Roofing for GRP fibreglass, leadwork and Kent peg tile and slate replacement in Tenterden and any of the surrounding areas, you’re always guaranteed of receiving the full benefits associated with traditional and modern roofing services at a fair and competitive price. Free quotations are available, and we operate as a fully insured company.

For more information on roofing services in Tenterden, call Rye Roofing on 08081 789362. We are GRP fibreglass and Kent peg tile and slate specialists.