Rye Roofing Ltd

GRP Fibreglass Roofing and Kent Peg Tile and Slate in Rye

We are one of the very few roofing companies in Rye to offer our customers traditional Kent peg tile and slate replacement services. Frequently used for conservation and restoration work on older properties in the Rye area, Kent peg tile and slate are materials predominantly used on pitched roofing structures. It is also used on new builds for customers who are looking for a more rustic finish in comparison to more modern concrete or clay tiles.

Period and listed properties with leadwork also fall under our working scope, but Rye Roofing is so much more than just a traditional roofing company. We embrace modern installation and repair systems too, and GRP fibreglass is just one of the innovative materials we use on projects in Rye. GRP fibreglass is particularly suitable for flat roofing work.

Kent Peg Tile and Slate Professionals

At Rye Roofing, we supply customers in the Rye area with handcrafted Kent peg tile and slate materials in a choice of different colours and textures. It is often possible for us to use reclaimed tiles and slates which were originally made around the same time as listed and period properties in and around the Rye area were first built.

If reclaimed materials aren’t available, we can source and fit a suitable product made in more recent years which will replicate Kent peg tile and slate perfectly.

  • Classic appearance with modern protective and waterproofing benefits
  • Retains the charm of period and listed properties in Rye
  • Perfect for conservation work or for restoration projects on older buildings
  • Adds time-honoured and traditional elegance when used on new builds
  • Subtle texture variations create a patina associated with a bygone age

Leadwork Repair and Replacement

Traditional roofing services from Rye Roofing wouldn’t be quite as traditional if we didn’t turn our hands to leadwork. In the modern roofing sector, leadwork is seen as an expensive roofing addition which pushes up installation and repair costs. We tend to disagree with this because good quality leadwork wears well and provides exceptional performance. It also has an amazing aesthetic quality that works particularly well on older properties.

Here, we look at some of the many benefits that can obtained through using lead:

  • Lead sheeting is flexible and can be tightly pulled and shaped for total coverage
  • As temperatures change, lead expands and contracts to protect in all weathers
  • When used with a sealant, leadwork provides a watertight finish for Rye properties
  • Lead lasts up to three times longer than equivalent roofing materials
  • The recyclable qualities of leadwork make it the most sustainable roofing product

Modern GRP Fibreglass Installations

While we’re very proud of the way we retain traditional appearances on roofing structures in the Rye area, we’re never shy when it comes to making use of materials which benefit our customers. GRP fibreglass is one such material and this innovative product is used as part of a system to replace hot application roofing services which aren’t as effective, and to also make sites and working areas in Rye safer places to be for our roofing contractors.

Designed to last for at least 30 years, GRP fibreglass is laid on a dry deck to create a seamless and watertight finish. It can be laid at properties in Rye in all conditions above 5°C, and this means our roofing company can provide GRP fibreglass repair and installation services throughout most parts of the year – even in winter!

  • Versatile enough to be used on flat roofing, vents, walls and pipes
  • Strength and durability make it perfect for roofing walkways and roof terraces
  • GRP fibreglass is proven to last and comes with an extended manufacturer warranty
  • Choice of colours makes this innovative material ideal for any property in Rye
  • Seamless surface provides a secure finish as well as ongoing protection

At Rye Roofing, we welcome enquiries from customers in all parts of our hometown relating to Kent peg tile and slate fitting, leadwork and GRP fibreglass installations. Free roofing surveys and quotations are available, we are covered by full public liability insurance and our workmanship is backed by an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

Contact 08081 789362 to discuss services with a traditional roofing company covering Rye and all surrounding areas.