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If you happen to be a property owner in Tenterden, Cranbrook, Rye or anywhere else in the surrounding Kent or East Sussex areas, you’ll have plenty of things to think about when considering a new roofing structure. New roofing plays an important role in keeping your home looking attractive and shielding it from the weather. Just as importantly, reroofing work can add value to your property should you wish to sell it in the future.


It can be a tough decision for many of our Tenterden, Cranbrook, Rye, Kent and East Sussex customers to spend money on a new roofing structure, especially as it is something they’ll rarely see while they’re actually inside the home. In fact, the only reason they might have noticed the need for new roofing at all is because of leaks or weather damage.


At Rye Roofing, we believe that a new roof is a worthwhile investment for any property owner in Kent or East Sussex. The continuous cost of roofing repairs soon adds up and it often works out better to replace the structure completely. In some cases, the price of repair work accumulates to the point where new roofing is actually more economical.


If you have home in Tenterden, Cranbrook, Rye or anywhere else in our wider trading area, here are just a few of the things new roofing will provide for you:


• A watertight roofing structure with years of low-maintenance performance

• A welcome addition in property value upon project completion

• Better kerb appeal to attract buyers when selling a home in Kent or East Sussex

• Less chance of injury or damage from roofing debris falling to the ground

• Enhanced thermal insulation and a noticeable difference in utility costs


Our company installs new roofing in the Tenterden, Cranbrook, Rye, Kent and East Sussex areas by working to key stages. While the materials and the processes can change significantly between pitched and flat roofing structures, prospective customers should be able to get a clear idea of what our roofing services entail by reading the information below:


  1. A full assessment of the existing roofing structure is made and the contractors discuss which materials should be used (or re-used) for the reroofing work.
  2. The roofing contractors order the materials and have them delivered to your Kent or East Sussex property. A skip may also be delivered ahead of work starting.
  3. Scaffolding is erected to provide a safe platform for the roofing contractors. The cost of scaffolding will be included in the original quotation provided by your roofer.
  4. Old roofing materials are stripped from your Tenterden, Cranbrook or Rye property. This exposes the timber structures and the tile laths, almost like a skeleton.
  5. The tile laths are also removed from the roofing structure and any rotted timber from the roof joists are replaced in preparation for the new materials.
  6. A layer of breathable felt covers the timber from top to bottom so that any future damage to the roofing structure allows water to run directly down to the guttering.
  7. Battens are fixed into place at your Tenterden, Cranbrook, Rye, Kent or East Sussex property. These are spaced to allow for an overlap of the tiles or slates when fitted.
  8. The roofing contractors fit the tiles or slates to the battens. Tiles positioned adjacent to valleys and roof windows are cut to size for a perfect fit and profile.
  9. Any leadwork required, such as flashings, soakers and secret gutters, is completed to leave the homeowner with a finished roofing structure built to last for years.

For roofing services in Tenterden, Cranbrook, Rye or anywhere else in the surrounding Kent or East Sussex areas, call Rye Roofing on 08081 789362.