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Roofing Companies in Hastings A Guide to Work on Listed Properties

If you own listed building or are responsible for the maintenance of one, it is essential to follow proper protocol for roofing work. However, the rules surrounding listed buildings can be confusing and not all roofing companies undertake work on these properties. As such, we have produced this handy guide which explains the key requirements for working on a listed building as well as the services we offer for Grade I and Grade II properties in Hastings, Tenterden and the surrounding areas.

This includes traditional Kent peg tile and slate roofs as well as leadwork and potential solutions for historic flat roofs, such as GRP fibreglass.

When planning roof work on listed buildings, it is important to consider the following:

Because listed properties are under protection, most building work, including maintenance and alterations, requires prior consent. Even when replacing materials like for like, you may need consent so will need to apply for listed building consent from your local authority in Hastings.

Roof Coverings

Traditional roof materials vary depending on the location of properties, but common coverings include clay tile, Kent peg tile and slate. Leadwork is also common on old buildings and requires the same level of care and attention as other roof materials.

Unlike some other roofing companies, we specialise in traditional roof work as well as more modern GRP fibreglass roofs. This allows us to offer professional repair, installation and renovation services for listed buildings in the Hastings area, ensuring work does not affect visual or historical character.

In many cases, it is necessary to source like for like materials and we work hard to supply the most suitable materials for every job.

Roof Structures

The roof structure supports any coverings and is one of the most important features of old houses. Many historic roof structures have survived for hundreds of years and it is always the priority to avoid replacing roof timbers in listed buildings. Consequently, we never replace timbers unnecessarily and arrange repairs of damaged timbers wherever possible.

It is also important to retain any original features and/or details, such as chimneys, pots, leadwork and decorative finials. When providing roofing in Hastings for listed properties, we treat all aspects with the utmost care and refix them properly following roof repairs or replacements.

Techniques and Standards

To maintain the historic character of listed buildings and to meet necessary standards, roofing companies must use suitable techniques for repairs and installations. At Rye Roofing Ltd, we use traditional methods for Kent peg tile and slate roofs as well as leadwork, ensuring the historical integrity of properties.

Furthermore, where suitable and approved, we can provide GRP fibreglass for historic flat roofs. This has can be an effective option, as seen on a Grade I listed church in Bromsgrove, especially for properties that fall victim to lead theft.

When you need traditional roofing for a listed property in Hastings and the surrounding areas, call 08081 789362.