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Roofing Companies in Cranbrook Modern and Traditional Services Available

One of the things to separate Rye Roofing from other roofing companies in Kent and East Sussex is our ability to provide a combination of modern and traditional services. Cranbrook is a popular area for our company because there are many properties in the town with Kent peg tile and slate roofing structures. Many of these properties use leadwork as an additional form of protection. This explains why our traditional services are so important.

Other property owners in Cranbrook have the need for a more modern roofing service, particularly when it comes to flat roofs. In the past, roofing companies relied heavily on felt and bitumen to repair flat roofing structures. Today, these potentially hazardous systems have given way to innovative new materials such as GRP fibreglass. Our modern roofing services include GRP fibreglass installations on new or existing buildings.

Below, we explain Kent peg tile and slate services, leadwork and GRP fibreglass in brief detail so that customers in Cranbrook have a clear understanding of what our work involves.

Kent Peg Tile and Slate

The art of laying Kent peg tile and slate passes down through generations of roofing contractors and because it is such a rare craft, it’s often difficult to find roofing companies in the Cranbrook area prepared for this type of work. Kent peg tile and slate laying requires great care. Only a true roofing specialist has the skills required to handle the natural materials, and to also understand the impact of shoddy workmanship on the environment.

At Rye Roofing, we always preserve the upkeep of Cranbrook’s local heritage by providing Kent peg tile and slate services where time-served wisdom and careful technique combine to produce stunning results. Like all good roofing companies, we work harmoniously with private property owners, planning officials and even conservation officers.


Leadwork is another roofing skill which requires high levels of experience from the contractor. All leadwork undertaken in Cranbrook and the surrounding areas must comply with BS EN 12588 standards and only a selected handful of roofing companies in Kent can handle this type of work to a sufficiently high quality. Rye Roofing is one of those companies, and we welcome enquiries about leadwork from new and existing customers.

Typical leadwork uses rolled sheeting and covers the following project types:

  • Lead Sheet Roofing
  • Dormer Side-Cheeks
  • Leadwork for Box Guttering
  • Leadwork for Chimney Guttering
  • Wall and Chimney Flashing
  • Lead Slates for Flue Pipes

Leadwork is still a common feature on many properties in Cranbrook and for this reason, customers choose us ahead of other roofing contractors because our company complies with the required BS EN 12588 standards without any compromise in workmanship.

GRP Fibreglass

Most modern roofing companies avoid the use of felt and bitumen unless a customer in the Cranbrook area specifically asks for it. The alternatives to this older hot application system are EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass. Rye Roofing leans toward the use of GRP fibreglass because it has a wider range of applications and provides a more versatile range of finishes – especially on roofing terraces because you can walk freely on the surface.

Considered to be the “new generation of roofing” by some of the industry’s most revered names, GRP fibreglass is a versatile composite material used on new roofing installations and repairs. The finished surface produces a watertight and durable finish which can be themed in coloured topcoats to blend in with the rest of your Cranbrook property.

Visit our portfolio to see previous GRP fibreglass roofing installations from our company.

To discuss Kent peg tile and slate, leadwork or GRP fibreglass installations in Cranbrook, call Rye Roofing on 08081 789362.