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Roofing Companies in East Sussex Kent Peg Tile, Leadwork and GRP Fibreglass

East Sussex is a key service area for Rye Roofing, and we can offer our customers a unique combination of traditional and modern roofing services. Traditional roofing covers time-honoured skills, such as Kent peg tile and slate replacement, and repairing and replacing leadwork. Modern roofing services see us making use of the latest industry innovation, such as GRP fibreglass. This gives customers many different reasons to choose our company.

On this page, we look at some of the main service benefits you’ll receive when choosing Rye Roofing for Kent peg tile and slate replacement, leadwork or GRP fibreglass installations. While these three options are important to our company, customers in East Sussex can also use Rye Roofing for a full range of unconditionally guaranteed and fully insured services.

Kent Peg Tile and Slate – East Sussex is home to many older, period or listed properties, so Kent peg tile and slate work is always in demand. Very few roofing companies specialise in this type of work, but we have the ability to provide repair and replacement services using reclaimed Kent peg tile and slate materials for customers on a budget, or new slates for those who want a truly authentic finish on a renovation or conservation project.

A certain amount of skill is required to fit Kent peg tile and slate materials, but we have many years of combined experience in this field. Customers in East Sussex can retain the integrity of period and listed properties through our professional service range.

Leadwork – Leadwork is another traditional roofing skill and one which many other companies in the East Sussex area fail to match us for when it comes to quality repair and installation work. Leadwork is highly malleable, and it is flexible enough to be shaped around all key parts of the roofing structure to create a protective finish.Lead flashing expands and contracts, which makes it particularly suitable for the UK climate.

Leadwork lasts up to three times longer than other protective and waterproofing materials, is 100% recyclable and is perfect for use on older properties in East Sussex.

GRP Fibreglass – We’re a highly adaptable roofing company covering domestic and commercial properties throughout East Sussex.

GRP fibreglass is a relatively new material to our sector and we generally use it for flat roofing projects. It can be laid over existing wood decks to create a seamless and watertight finish that’s amazingly secure.

The durability of GRP fibreglass makes it ideal for roof terraces in East Sussex. It can be walked on without fear of damage, and the fact that it comes in a variety of finishes ensures the final finish achieved by our roofing contractors will always match existing themes.

Contact Rye Roofing now on 08081 789362 to discuss Kent peg tile and slate replacement, leadwork or GRP fibreglass installations for your East Sussex property.